Communication to parents

The Governing Body of Hoërskool Overkruin has decided that all communication to parents, learners and other interested parties will take place by means of SOSIAL MEDIA @ OVIENUUS [Twitter, Facebook, YouTube], SCHOOL COMMUNCATOR and the WEBSITE [].  All daily school news / news flashes will be made available to you on the above-mentioned platforms.  Research has shown that the customary hardcopy newsletter never reaches the parent home and only leads to a wastage of precious resources!

It is important for the school that you, as an involved parent and loyal Ovie supporter are continually informed of school events and matters of interest.  Therefore it is vitally important that you make use of the primary source of communication from the school, namely the “SCHOOL COMMINICATOR APP“.   All documentation will, however, also be available on the school’s website.

If you have not yet downloaded the above-mentioned application, we want to politely request that you do it in the interest of you and your child.  Follow the instructions below for more information regarding the software and installation procedures:

If you are unable to acquire the information electronically, you are welcome to contact the general office to assist you in obtaining a hardcopy, which contains the weekly general arrangements, events, planning and congratulations.  Your child may also collect this newsletter in paper format at the general office.

The English version of all the school events appears on the “LIVE NEWS FEEDS” on the “Nuus” link of the “School Communicator”.   All news articles and notices also appear on the home page of the website under the following section: NUUSFLITSE / NEWS FLASH.

Good communication is the backbone of Hoërskool Overkruin and ensures that everyone is punctually informed of all events.  An uninformed Ovie will miss out on exceptional opportunities.