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Dear Matric Parent (27/7)

  • The annual 40 Days Event takes place this evening.  The school considers this to be a monstrosity.  We do, however, realise that the learners still do take the day off.  Therefore we have the following conditions in place.
  • 40 Days Conditions:
  • Date:                           Friday, 28 July 2017
  • Arrangements:          Gr. 12 learners take the day off, accepting full responsibility for their actions.
  • No gr. 12 learner is allowed at the school, unless he/she has made an arrangement with the Grade 12 Head, Mrs Van Lingen.
  • The SAPS, CPF and Metro Police are informed of this event.
  • Ensure that you as parent know exactly what your child will do and where he/she will be.
  • Learners who took today off must submit a doctor’s certificate.  Without this evidence his/her matric farewell attendance will be reconsidered and no testimonial will be issued to him/her.
  • All arrangements regarding this event were discussed with the learners yesterday morning.

We appreciate your support.

Ovie of the month – June (27/7)

  • Stephane Ndjaya
    RUGBY: Selected for the Blue Bulls Academy team. Wins the final against Western Province