Overkruin’s athletes are the epitome of hard work and dedication.

The talented Ovie athletes provide exciting athletics and exceptional performances event after event.


With time, medals may fade or gather dust, but the memories of the goosebump moments in Overkruin’s athletics will never be lost.

Skilled, dedicated coaches and teachers train the Ovie athletes. The Ovies are busy during the athletics season. Annually, the Ovie athletes participate in various events.

The AGN leagues, AGN-TUKS Top 10, TUT Top 12, and NWU-Pukke Top 30 provide an opportunity for the top performers to compete against the best athletes from other schools. Annually, several Ovie athletes are selected for the District team. The athletes participate in the Gauteng Schools Championship and the SA Schools Championship. Ovies is a registered athletics club, and the athletes also participate in the AGN leagues and the ASA Championship.



Me. M van Deventer


"Education Is The Most Powerful Weapon You Can Use To Change The World. "

- Nelson Mandela

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