Integrity and hard work are the key values of rugby at Overkruin. Overkruin’s men play winning rugby.


Ovies usually plays 12 matches during the season. The physical development in rugby also contributes to the holistic development of the learners. Most of the teams are involved in playoff matches as well. We are also privileged to have our players regularly representing Hoërskool Overkruin at the provincial level. However, the special relationship between the coaches and players testifies that the focus in Ovies rugby is not solely on winning at all costs.

The focus is rather on the development of each individual player as a person. Dedicated coaches develop more than just the rugby skills of young players. The young men are guided and led to make a balanced and valuable contribution to the community as team players.

The motto of Ovies’ rugby men is: BE DIFFERENT! It is a special privilege to be part of Ovies’ rugby men. The team is like a close-knit family, and lifelong friendships are forged here.



Mn. D de Beer


"Education Is The Most Powerful Weapon You Can Use To Change The World. "

- Nelson Mandela

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