Ovies from various communities and denominations are involved in the spiritual ministry of Ovie learners at Overkruin.


The dedicated youth worker is actively involved with the learners and other activities at Overkruin.

The Ovies’h learners are ministered to by group leaders under the guidance of mentor pastors. The group leaders are equipped for this special task during regular training sessions.

The Ovies’h opens the school day’s proceedings in the quad every Wednesday.

The words of Vincent van Gogh describe the Ovies’h students, who are true fishermen of people, very well:

“The fishermen know that the sea is dangerous and the storm is at its worst, but they have never thought that these dangers are sufficient reasons to remain ashore.”


Mr. C Jacobsz



"Education Is The Most Powerful Weapon You Can Use To Change The World. "

- Nelson Mandela

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